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Fidget Spinners - The Big Debate! - Special Needs Australia

Fidget Spinners - The Big Debate!

Fidget Spinners have officially been removed from Special Needs Australia website due to safety reasons. 

Fidget Spinners - The Big Debate! 

Read to the end for your opportunity to receive a FREE Fidget Spinner! 

The Fidget Spinners have received so much hype and media coverage lately, some good and some bad? Due to this, it took me a while to decide if I should introduce the Fidget Spinners to my Special Needs Australia Product range. My biggest concern was the promotion that these products are designed for children with Autism and ADHD?

Hmm… after examining the design I asked myself is this product suitable for children with a disability and here are some of the reasons why...


  • They are not welcomed in schools, now this is a worry! With bad publicity like this, it could end up with all hand fidgets being banned from classrooms and schools, along with other essential sensory toys such as chew toys and pencil toppers. I think most people agree that this would be disastrous after taking so much time to educate the world on the effectiveness of these useful tools they could end up being banned, due to a child craze and bad publicity. Now if you are a parent of a child that has sensory processing difficulties you truly know how disastrous that would be.
  • Is this product aligned with my special needs range? I sell high-quality special needs toys at affordable prices, I’m very selective with the product I choose especially when it comes to 1) safety and 2) quality. If I cannot guarantee the safety of the product you won’t see it on the Special Needs Australia website. I question if a product with metal bearings in each arm are safe for young children. After examining the product, I quickly concluded that I would not be giving my young children a Fidget Spinner which is heavy and could potentially be used as a dangerous weapon or could break something. Which comes to my next point...

  • If this product was really made for children with disabilities why is it so heavy? Children that have disabilities often have low muscle tone or underdeveloped fine motor skills, which guarantees your child will struggle to hold the heavy Fidget Spinner for any length of time. The spinner does not spin for long as it is too heavy which means the child will struggle to get it going or maintain a spin requiring additional strength and effort to constantly use the product.

After considering all these facts I pulled the spinner product from my website and decided that this product is not aligned with the Special Needs Australia brand.

About a week later my supplier sent me some samples of a new design they had been working on, my supplier knows I sell Special Needs Equipment for children and they thought that this new and improved spinner would be a better fit fo my customer’s. So, what’s the difference?

No metal bearings in the arms of the newly designed Spinner Fidgets just one central quality bearing which ticked many boxes for me as this means that…

  • The product is much lighter making it much safer for my children to play with.
  • The lightness in the product means you get more spin for less effort. The spin lasts for much longer and can easily be achieved by my young children. This means that if a child is suffering from underdeveloped fine motor skills or low muscle tone they won’t have any problem using this product.
  • It is a smaller compacter design making them user-friendly and discreet to use when at home, school or out and about.

So, I decided I would try this new and improved Spinner Fidget Design to see what sort of feedback I get from the public.

As parent’s opinions and thoughts around my product are so important to my business I want your feedback, if you are a parent of a child that genuinely uses fidgets as a tool for sensory processing disorder or another disability, send me an email. The first 10 genuine responses will receive a FREE spinner fidget delivered to their home. I will happily send the product to you and all I ask for in return is an honest review and a comparison to current fidgets you are using, which I will post on FB and my website.

Send an IM message through
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OR email

So, the jury is still out on this one, but keep following my Facebook page and blog for updates. I will be sharing with you honest reviews good or bad. If the review is bad I will tell you and I will pull the product from the website. At Special Needs Australia, it’s about product safety and quality and your satisfaction.

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