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6 ways to use your PeaPod - Special Needs Australia

6 ways to use your PeaPod

Get the most out of your  Sensory Resources 

6 Tips for using your PeaPod at home with your child. 

  1. AS A CALMER - most children should be able to crawl in and adjust the pod around them for that perfect cocooning calm

  2. DEFINING SPATIAL BOUNDARIES - Educators can use PeaPods during story time for those children who need extra help defining their space on the floor

  3. RHYTHMIC ROCKING - durable side handles make it easy for a therapist or parent to rock children gently from side to side. Great as a calming tool for meltdowns and before bed

  4. FOR ADDED SENSORY FEEL - have your child crawl into the PeaPod, then fill it up with plastic pool balls, packing materials or sensory textures.

  5. SUPPORT VESTIBULAR ACTIVITIES - place the PeaPod on a platform or net swing for added support and comfort during rocking and spinning activities.

  6. FOR GROUP ACTIVITIES - have each child positioned in a separate PeaPod, with pods spaced as needed for skill level. Have the children toss bean bags or balls around the group and/or towards a target.

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 PeaPod Info Graphic

The Calm Child 

Calm Child

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