Do you know how to teach your child to read and write?

Parents can you relate to this…

  • Do you feel like your child is falling behind at school with basic reading and writing?
  • Do you find it hard teaching your child to read?
  • Do you remember learning to read and write?

Special Needs Australia Supporting Homework Time I felt so stupid trying to teach my child to read, I had no idea how to clearly explain the thing I do so naturally every day.

To top it off my eldest was falling behind at school…. I was desperate what to do? I’m not a teacher.

When my child started bringing home books to read, I did not know where to start.

As we sat to read together, I tried to remember back to when I learnt to read and write? How did I learn the sounds and how to put them together?

I don’t know when I transitioned from reading the alphabet to sounding it out, I have no memory of when I started to put together more than two letters to make a sound?

Segmenting and blending, a new concept to me.

And as I sat and tried to sound out words and letters completely wrong, I confused my child and I confused myself.

Well that’s ok she’ll learn at school and all will be well.

As all my friends’ children started to learn I noticed my daughter falling behind, it’s fine I said she’s only young, she has a long way to go. The school will fix it I’m sure.

I know my eldest is a kinaesthetic and auditory-musical learner. This means learning through song, touch, play and hands-on.

Sing her a song, play or dance and she will pick anything up. She thrived in Pre-School due to the play-based learning curriculum.

Well I knew it was clear my daughter was no longer receiving that learning style.

I also noticed that M worked better in smaller groups another reason she was finding it hard to keep up in class.

Her confidence was knocked in the classroom and this rippled out into the playground.

Thankfully the school had identified that M was not keeping up with her classmates and provided additional smaller reading groups to help her catch up.

I quickly realised that for the best outcome for my child I had to be a hands-on parent, and find the best solutions to support my child with reading and writing.

I’m very lucky to have access to some local professionals that gave me some advice, which turned everything around.

Sounds Write – a phonics program which is Free on Udemy.

Sounds Write has changed everything for me, a phonics program that taught me how to teach my child.

I spent about an hour and half working through the Sounds Write program and I had that moment when everything clicked in my mind. All the things I had been doing wrong, I had not been helping my child at all, only hindering her learning though my own lack of knowledge.

The Sounds Write Program taught me how to make the correct sounds for each letter, what segmenting, and blending is and provided a crash course on how to teach this to my child in a clear and fun way.

Once I finished the short digestible online program, I thought every parent must know about this.

Parents would feel so much more equipped and confident to help their children if only they knew about this program.

Quickly turn homework into a fun time, instead of dreading it.

Luckily my eldest daughter is a sucker for coloured pens, so with a whiteboard and her choice of colour pen M was as excited as I was to start learning together.

I feel so much more helpful to my child, we can now complete homework easily together. I can explain and guide her in the right direction, I no longer confuse her with my terrible sounding, and we finish homework happy and laughing.

Parents I urge you if your child is finding it hard at school with literacy, download Sounds Write, now!

It’s completely FREE, EASY to use, it will EMPOWER you as a parent and you and your child will get amazing results from it.

The worry is if your child falls behind with the basics, when do they catch up? Do they ever really catch up?

I promise parents this will be the best 1.5 hours you’ve spent.

I just wish all schools would tell parents about this program when children start Kindie.Special Needs Australia Supporting Homework Time

Our learning journey with M would have been completely different, if we had this knowledge prior to attempting homework.

I’m so glad I found Sounds Write when I did, otherwise I believe it would have just got harder and harder and more and more frustrating for my daughter and me.

I’m feeling relieved happy and confident and I believe all parents should feel this way when learning with their child.

Parents Teach your child to read and write easily at home with…

Sounds Write Program for Children -

This course introduces you to the Sounds Write phonics program, and gives you the knowledge, resources and activities you need to help your child to start learning to read and write. 

The course is designed for parents and carers of children aged 4 to 6 who want to know how to get their children started in their journey towards becoming literate. 

If your child is using Sounds Write at school, this course will teach you how to support them with their homework. This course is also suitable for those who are homeschooling their children.  

All the videos have captions to help you make the most of them. Please enable them if you need them.

Educators can learn more about the Sounds Write program and training at the Specific Learning Difficulties Website (speld)

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