Fantastic Fingers®

Fantastic Fingers® - Parents I know you are always looking for extra activities you can do at home with your kids… 

Being a parent too, I understand that these factors come into play when introducing new activities to the home: time, cost, the learning benefits and the fun aspect?

Fantastic Fingers® has all of this covered.

Can you relate to one of these…

  • Your child has difficulties writing with a pencil?
  • Your child has difficulties cutting with scissors?
  • Your child has difficulties drawing basic shapes or colouring?
  • You’re looking for new educational activities to do in the home
  • You’re preparing your child for school

Fantastic Fingers is a great investment for you

If your child can’t complete simple activities such as writing, cutting and drawing they will soon start to fall behind with classwork. As parents, we want to arm our children with the necessary skills to be able to go out into the world and succeed.

Fantastic Fingers® will help your child develop essential skills required for classroom success. You can easily help your child, by using this Fine Motor Program at home. With 100 activities that incorporate song and play to help your child build their Fine Motor Skill, this clever program has also incorporated numeracy and literature so you know your child will be getting an all-around learning experience while having fun and enjoying bonding time with you the parent.

For ONLY $40 this program is great value, it includes...

  • User-friendly instructions for 100 fun activities - action songs (music provided), games, exercises, crafts, and learning activities with early literacy and numeracy focus
  • Video demonstrations of children doing 60 of the activities
  • Guidelines on how to structure your own early learning and fine motor program at home
  • Materials list using everyday inexpensive materials
  • Sensory play recipes 
  • Fortnightly fine motor program sheets with questions to evaluate progress
  • 100 printable animal character worksheets - develop pencil control, scissor skills, prewriting skills e.g. trace shapes, patterns, numbers, and teach early alphabet and number knowledge

Now I’m not sure about you but I’ve spent more than $40 on a non-educational toy before. This product will not only provide entertainment and fun for your child but will also be teaching them essential skills for school.

Parents it won’t take you a lot of time to set up these activities, you will spend most your time interacting and playing with your child whilst following the easy step by step instructions.

It won’t cost you much money either, using everyday materials for the activities means it won’t hurt your budget.

Try the FREE SAMPLE ACTIVITY SHEET at home with your child.

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