Is your teaching impact being reduced by 16 percent?

To celebrate National SPD Awareness Month, OT Week and Children's Week we bring you a very special 
Bundle Training Pack, that includes...

RRP $537 ONLY $197

1) 20 Day Classroom Detox - RRP $249

The 20 Day Classroom Detox Online Course is targeting teachers, Occupational Therapists and others who work with teachers or in classrooms. It is an online course that steps you through looking at your classroom (or clinic room) from a sensory perspective and prompts you to make small changes that impact on kids learning in BIG WAYS!


  • The exciting thing is that it is approved by NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority).
    Completing the 20 Day Classroom Detox will contribute 10 hours of NESA Registered PD addressing criteria 1.1.2 (Physical, social and intellectual development and characteristics of students) and 3.4.2 (select and use resources) from the Australian Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in Australia.

  • 20 Day Classroom Exclusive Facebook Community - RRP $147
    This is a new addition to the online course! It is a community of teachers, therapists and other professionals who are stepping through the 20 Day Classroom Detox. We will open it up only a couple of times a year for small groups to go through the detox together as a group. I'll be popping in regularly during these 'do with you' course times and offering live Q & A's and other bonuses.


2) Teachers Tool Kit  for Improved Learning Environments - 3 part webinar series - RRP $97


  1. Reducing negative behaviour in the classroom using the Just Right Kids Model
  2. How to assess your classroom and make it sensory friendly
  3. A whole class approach to creating a sensor-safe learning environment.


3) School Environment Sensory Checklist E-book - RRP $29

This is a handy tool to quickly and easily evaluate your classroom from a sensory perspective to enhance learning needs of all children, including children with autism and learning difficulties.

Have less distracted children who listen for longer and enjoy times of focused learning and easier transitions.

4) E-book Pack - RRP RRP $17

This pack includes 2 e-books on

- Dealing with Auditory Processing in the Classroom, and

- The Impact of Florescent Lighting on Children

This pack usually costs $537 but this week we have a very special offer!

ONLY $197 For all of the above!


Promotion closes 8 pm Sydney time, 31st October 2018
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