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Keep Routine during the Holidays - Special Needs Australia

Keep Routine during the Holidays

How have your holidays been, are you finding it hard to keep routine at home?

I believe a lot of parents are battling the juggle of work and no childcare making the break between New Year and the start of the new school term unsettling for children and parents.

As we wait patiently for the new school term to start I have noticed MJ’s (my 5-year old) behaviour has started to change, lack of routine, days full of busy activities and play dates have unsettled her. We have experienced increased meltdowns, more arguments with siblings and parents, lack of cooperation over simple tasks, and bedtime routines have become very difficult.

When children misbehave it is an instinct as a parent to blame ourselves for their behaviour.  

It was reassuring to catch up with other parents at a kid’s party over the weekend, it made me realise that all parents are in the same boat. Children are bored and lacking in routine which is affecting behaviour.

Last week I decided to introduce a reward chart and a daily routine chart into our home, and it has worked wonders.

Here are the results that I have observed from my children since the introduction of both.

Reward Charts, the reward chart has given MJ purpose. MJ will happily completely simple tasks around the home to enjoy the pleasure of receiving a gold star.  I no longer feel like I’m battling with my child to do simple things such as pack away toys, put dishes in the sink or pick up clothes. I also introduced a monetary value to the rewards to teach about earning and saving money. MJ loves to count her coins collected so far and I encourage goal setting giving her something to focus on whilst completing her chores.

This simple act has reduced stress and arguments around household chores, it has given MJ a sense of purpose and provided her with responsibilities. It really has been a winner in our house and I would highly recommend to any parent.  

Routine Charts, have provided stability throughout the day. We now start our morning with breakfast and then plan for the day ahead before we get ready. This has become a fun activity that the whole family can be involved in and enjoy. Once the plan is set we get ready and enjoy the day. MJ loves to let us know what is happening next, it gives her confidence and responsibility by keeping the family on track for the planned day. I’ve noticed we are now having fewer meltdowns, behaviour has improved, and it is much easier to move to the next activity when MJ feels like it’s on her terms.

Overall both the routine chart and reward chart has improved our holiday experience, and with such great results we will be continuing with both even when the new school term starts. I’m hoping that by continuing this will also help provide stability when starting her new school in February.

I hope 2018 brings you and your family a year full of happiness, health and success.

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