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Lesson Plans Now Available

Lesson Plans Now Available

At the end of term 3, Special Needs Australia had the privilege to be apart of the 2018 Redbank School Teacher Conference 'Connect Thrive Succeed'. It was a great pleasure to meet the dedicated teachers that attended and a great opportunity to meet our customers face to face.

Redbank 2018

At the conference Special Needs Australia launched their new free lesson plans available to teachers. Inspired by team member Tracy Brunetti, lesson plans are now being provided as part of our services. The lesson plan is aimed at helping and supporting teachers across Australia when implementing sensory resources as learning aids in the classroom.

Tracy has over 15 years’ experience working in Early Childhood and Primary School settings supporting children with special needs. Tracy has experienced firsthand the positive impacts sensory resources has on children and the classroom environment.

Many teachers can see the benefits of using sensory tools in the classroom but lack time and money to implement the ideas. The goal when creating the lesson plans was to make it simple for Teachers to integrate sensory resources and therapeutic solutions with as little disruption to class as possible.

Tracy has taken the time to create quick 30 - 45-minute lesson plans that can easily and quickly be built into your class day. The lesson plan comes with a slideshow that can be easily edited to suit your classroom requirements.

The Lesson plans are a great benefit to your classroom because it teaches the children why there is a new resource in the class they have not seen before, why some children need it and others don’t, what the tool or resource does, and the correct use of the resource.

The lesson plan creates a sense of involvement for all the children in the class, it allows for the opportunity to touch and use the resource, give feedback and ask questions. It is important children know that we are not all the same, we all have different needs and requirements to assist us with how we learn, and these differences should be celebrated and supported.

The lesson plans teamed with our new Sensory Classroom Packs, allow us to offer teachers the complete package when using sensory resources in the classroom.

The packs allow teachers to make easy and affordable purchasing decisions.

You can now find the following Teacher Packs available at Special Needs Australia…

  • Instant Sensory Book Corner Pack

  • Ultimate Classroom Pack

  • Teacher Survival Pack

  • Sensory Desk Pack

  • Teachers Hand Fidget Pack

Each pack will soon have its own lesson plan, we are working through them and will keep you updated on the progress.

When using the lesson plan and packs together it saves time and money. The positive benefits of the resources show in the children’s behaviour and learning outcomes. When children are settled, feel safe and comfortable (this often happens when their sensory needs are met) they will be ready to engage in class activities and be ready to learn. Meaning fewer disruptions for your class and more time focused on learning.

If you have any question regarding the lesson plans or using the sensory resources in class then you can email who is always happy to assist.


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