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Life Skills 4 Kids Learning Resources for Parents. - Special Needs Australia

Life Skills 4 Kids Learning Resources for Parents.


Parents, do you worry that your child is suffering from anxiety?

  • Do you want to learn more about Sensory Processing and how it’s affecting your child’s moods and behaviour?

  • Do you have trouble getting your child to eat?

  • Do you want the knowledge and resources to help better understand your child and why they are feeling the way they do?

We are very excited to announce the latest product range available at Special Needs Australia.

Occupational Therapist and Founder of Life Skills 4 Kids Deb Hopper provides a range of resources Free and Paid for Parents.

The new product range includes Webinars such as the Free Anxiety Webinar and the Parents Tool Box for Anxious children. Deb has realised over the years that anxiety in children is a growing concern amongst parents.

Deb takes her experience from her OT practise and addresses the burning topics for parents through books, webinars, blog and videos, such as her Number 1 Best Selling Book, ‘Reducing Meltdowns and Improving Concentration’.

Parents you can enjoy the rang of Free Tip Sheets that cover Fussy Eaters, Fine Tuning Sensory Processing and How to increase Concentration.

Using The Mouth as a Sensory Tool  Fussy Eaters Tips Sheet  Fine Tuning Sensory Processing


Always thinking about children first Deb works hard to help improve the quality of life for children living with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) by raising awareness and teaching strategies to teachers, parents and careers.

Deb’s Learning and Training Resources are a great go-to for parents that want to better understand their children.

More about Deb Hopper,

As an Occupational Therapist practicing in Forster on the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW, Deb is truly passionate about helping children overcome sensory and emotional issues and empowering their families to deal with the stresses of their day-to-day lives.

Deb’s professional career has been varied. Deb started working as an Occupational Therapist in Forensic Mental Health and the Melbourne Assessment Prison, to mental health work in Gosford, before working with children in Forster. This may seem a little disjointed, but the mental health skills Deb developed are an excellent basis for working with children with self-regulation, behavioural and learning difficulties.

Deb is passionate about empowering people to understand the impact of sensory processing difficulties such as being over-sensitive to noise, movement, or other senses, or seeking out movement.

As the mother of two energetic boys, one of whom struggles with learning difficulties and sensory processing issues, Deb totally gets the challenges faced by families who find themselves in similar situations. Deb has developed some great processes and strategies that can help you to make sense of your child’s behaviour and understand why things can suddenly go from peace to panic.

Deb’s number one tip for parents is: help them with the growth of their children is to make quality time for your kids, put the screens down, eat together at the table, and talk and play with your kids. Get back to old-fashioned basics.

View Deb’s Full Range of Resources here

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