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Special Needs Australia Welcome - Special Needs Australia

Special Needs Australia Welcome

Hello and welcome to a very special website, Special Needs Australia.

This website is dedicated to every parent of a special needs child, every teacher that teaches a special needs child and every carer that looks after a special needs child. 
After working for 5 years in the Special Needs Market, I started to realise that there is a very big gap in this market. That gap is affordable special needs toy and resources. 
Having the opportunity to work with families that have children with additional needs, let me experience firsthand how important these tools are. It made me realise that these goods are not like a barbie doll or the latest action hero, these are essential resources for development, growth, learning and a child's confidence to participate in the world. 
Special Needs Australia will be introducing a range of Special Needs Toys sourced from around the world. Our products will be priced fairly with no compromise on quality or results. Keep checking in to see our product range as it grows. 
This company has been built by three visionary parents, that understand a parent’s pain while watching a child struggle, that understands how hard it can be sometimes to make ends meet especially when looking after a child with additional needs, that understand the need within the market to have these resources accessible and affordable.
Special Needs Australia, our commitment is to you the customer and your child or students.
As we prepare for some exciting developments over the next few months, I hope you will be a part it, and help spread the word of the exciting new Special Needs Australia, the company that is going to revolutionise the Special Needs Toy market. 
So welcome take a browse around our shop, send us your feedback and be a part of this amazing growing community.
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