Top 5 Tips to help your Sensory Child Survive the Festive Season

As the festive season kicks in, we adults all know how exhausting this time of year can be

Imagine having to cope with all the excitement of Christmas when your Senses are on overload? 

Here are some easy strategies you can use to help your child when out and about this Festive Season... 

1) Shopping Centres - we all know how much time we will be spending in these... 

Noisy, bright busy shopping centres, the ideal environment for meltdowns. What to do? 

Hand Fidget Toys Hand Fidgets - hand fidgets are great for calming down our nervous system. When your child looks stressed, tense or ready to meltdown sit them in the trolly or stroller and pass them a hand fidget. Why not make up a song you can sing quietly in their ear when using the hand fidget this will help provide recognition that they are safe and can relax

  Ear MuffsEar Muffs - if your child finds shopping centre noise overwhelming, why not use Ems Ear Muffs they look super cool and provide noise block out. Headphones can lower the overall decibel rate of background noise while still allowing your child to hear someone speaking to them. 

2) Long Lunches, Dinners and Social Gatherings

Disc 'O' Sit Does your sensory child hate to sit still for long periods of time? Why not try a Disc 'O' Sit or Movin' Sit. These therapeutic seating solutions are easy to transport around and discreetly fit onto any chair, allowing your child all the sensory input they need to get through dinner. 


Have a planned lunch ahead, does your child become anxious and fidgety when out at social gatherings? Try a chew toy they are perfect to help your child stay calm in busy and noisy environments. Use a chew necklace or bracelet that can be hidden underneath clothing ready to be used at any anxious moment. 

Hand Fidgets are another great tool for keeping calm.


Pressure Vest Pressure Therapy The PressureVest is a great option if your child loves deep pressure input.

Discreetly fit the PressureVest on underneath their clothes and they'll feel like they are receiving one big giant hug for as long as they are wearing the vest. 

3) Long Car Trips 

Don't leave home without hand fidgets, chew toys and some easy games that you can play in the car. I love to take the opportunity to play some good old-fashioned games in the car like Eye Spy, Thumb Wars, Hang-Man etc. all those games we used to play before we had Tablets and Devices. 

Weighted Lap Bag

If you have a child that is hyperactive you can use the Weighted Lap Bag to help them stay calm whilst seated in the car. 

4) Long days out outings and adventures with the family 

For those long days ahead visiting theme parks, beach trips and family days out... you want to prepare, and I don't mean the usual water and sunscreen I mean Sensory Prepared, are you prepared for the sensory overload your child may experience?

Make sure you take sunglasses to stop that glaring sun, Ear Muffs to stop any background noise that is causing distress, Hand Fidgets and Chew Toys to help your child relax

5) Out of whack routines mean meltdowns could happen at any moment

Don't let an out of whack routine ruin your school holidays. Use this simple but very effective routine board to help your child stay on top of their day. Children that have planned their day and know what activity to prepare for next will cope better when transitioning from activity to activity. 

Weekly Activity Planner  Daily Planner
Own the routine, Own the behaviour! The routine board teamed with the reward chart will ensure your child's behaviour stays on track for the school holidays. 

Stop your Sensory Child experiencing Sensory Overload this Festive Season 

I hope these tips help you and your family stay on track this holidays. 

Special Needs Australia
Merry Christmas!

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