Win back time in the morning!

I’m not sure about you but why does it feel like the more of a rush you are in, the less your children want to cooperate?

I started to notice that morning routines were becoming harder and harder. My eldest who started Kindy this year started the first term well, but now we’re in term 3 I can see the enthusiasm for the morning routine wearing off fast! The lack of cooperation when I ask simple tasks to be completed like eat your breakfast, brush your teeth, put your clothes. I can see the pain in her eyes as I constantly repeat instructions to her.

So, with my patience and nerves gone from continuous arguing and lack of cooperation left me with nowhere to turn, except to a sand timer!
Yep, you got it a sand timer, literally saved my sanity and time in the mornings, so simple but so effective.

Here is a great example of how well the sand timer works in our home.
It’s 8 am in the morning and I look around to see my eldest daughter doing everything she can to avoid getting dressed so she can play with her toys a little longer. I know that I have two options here I can constantly beg her to get dressed and annoy her with my continuous instructions or I can appeal to her extremely competitive side and say…. ‘Hey Honey, do you think you can beat time?’

Well straight away her little ears pick up and she looks at me, in her head, I can see she is thinking 'oh a challenge, I’m in!' 

So, turning the boring morning routine of brushing teeth, eating breakfast and getting dressed into a game, means that my children can now brush their teeth and get dressed in 5 minutes, as opposed to the 45 minutes it used to take.

As we walk into the bathroom together I say are you ready? Are you sure you can do this? I don’t know are you fast enough? Her response, ‘Yes Mummy I can beat the time, just watch me’ So I get her toothbrush ready and let her start brushing her teeth, I flip the sand timer. I go into the bedroom to lay her clothes out for the day. The next thing her teeth are brushed her face and hands washed and she is rushing into the bedroom to get dressed. Well low and behold 5 minutes were up and there was my child dressed and ready for school.

Then my eldest flips the sand timer and says Mummy, I bet you can’t do my hair before the time runs out? So, I brush her hair help her find her shoes and in 10 minutes flat we’re ready for school. It’s 8:10 and we have another 20 mins before we must leave. So, as my eldest goes off to play with her toys, I think wow what will I do with all this extra time I have just saved?

It’s great to be ready in 10 minutes flat instead of a 45-minute fight just to get out the door!

It also works with my 3-year-old as she always wants to get in on the act, so now I can set the timer and she tries to beat it. Mornings have become a fun game now and we all leave the house happy and prepared for the day ahead!

Thank you, Sand Timers, you saved the day! Literally every day!



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