Sensory Product Update

Introducing Sensory Resources into your Classroom

Introducing Sensory Resources into your Classroom

One question we seemed to come across on a regular basis was ‘how do we manage these resources in class?’ Teachers were finding it to implement resources such as Hand Fidgets and Deskercisers into the classroom environment. The general feedback was that teachers found it difficult to identify the children that truly needed the resources vs the ones that just wanted it because the child next to them had one, which resulted in some children feeling left out. 

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Special Needs Australia Catalogue

Product Catalogue Now Available

We've made ordering easier. 

To help make ordering easier, we have introduced the Special Needs Australia 2017 Catalogue. 

Parents if you see a product you like but need approval for funding print of the catalogue to share with your therapist. 

School Orders: If you are a school or health organisation that would prefer to order using a purchase order number, you can print an order form, complete all the details and email back to

NDIS: We are currently in the process of applying to be a preferred supplier for the NDIS. In the mean time if you do want to purchase a product using your NDIS funding we can provide you with a quote which you may get pre-approved before purchasing. If you have any questions regarding the process email: or call: 02 6557 6365

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Special Needs Australia Fantastic Fingers

Fantastic Fingers®

Fantastic Fingers® - Parents I know you are always looking for extra activities you can do at home with your kids…

Being a parent too, I understand that these factors come into play when introducing new activities to the home: time, cost, the learning benefits and the fun aspect?

Fantastic Fingers® has all of this covered.

Can you relate to one of these…

  • Your child has difficulties writing with a pencil?
  • Your child has difficulties cutting with scissors?
  • Your child has difficulties drawing basic shapes or colouring?
  • You’re looking for new educational activities to do in the home
  • You’re preparing your child for school

Fantastic Fingers is a great investment for you

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