Special Needs Australia Pressure Therapy

Calm Kids (Pressure Therapy)

Ahh, cool calm kids, what more could we ask for? 

  • Help your child stay relaxed! 
  • Reduce and stop meltdowns before they happen! 
  • Help bedtime routines with a calming tool! 
  • Use calming tools when shopping or visiting large groups of friends! 
  • Use calming tools in the classroom! 

If your child experiences regular meltdowns, suffers from ADHD or Autism or has trouble sleeping /relaxing, then you are sure to find something in this range of products to assist. 

Pressure therapy or deep touch pressure helps children feel calm and relaxed, use these tools before bedtime, before meltdowns, during and after meltdowns, before or after stressful situations, before going out or just when Mum and Dad need some quiet time ahh..


Abilitations RollEase Rolling Pin
AIRWALKER Sensory Swing
Bodysox - Body Socks - Pressure Therapy - Sensory Sock
Cando Theraputty Save 67%

Cando Theraputty

from $15.00
Special Needs Australia Dream Chair
Fidgiball - Sensory Hand Fidget
Hand Fidget Balls - Sensory Hand Fidgets
Pea Pod Inflatable Sensory Cushion
Special Needs Australia Pressure Vest

Pressure Vests

from $129.00
School Pack - Sensory Smart Save 13%
Therapressure Brush - Sensory Therapy Brush
Weighted Lap Bags