Special Needs Australia - Chew Toys

Chew Toys for Children

Are you sick of your child chewing their clothes and pencils? 

Arm your child with the right tools for school...

Chewing improves concentration and helps reduce stress.
Providing your child with a chew necklace you will help them achieve success in the classroom by keeping them calm, focused and happy. Choose from this uber cool selection of chew necklaces for your child! 

All products are child-friendly, BPA and toxic FREE,
let your child chew away knowing they are safe.  
Special Needs Australia Chew Stixx Tough Bar
Chew Stixx X Bar - Flavoured Sensory Chew Bar for Kids
Junior Heart Pendant - Sensory Chew Toy for Kids
Organic Pendant - Sensory Chew Necklace
Owl Pendant - Sensory Chew Necklace
Pencil Toppers - Sensory Chew Pencil Topper