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Fine Motor

Arming your child with the right tools for schools increases their learning
success, confidence and general well being.

Make sure your child has the right tools for school success!

Fine Motor Skills are essential to your child's success in school. From writing with a pencil, cutting with scissors, opening and twisting lids, playing games and many other activities children need good finger and hand muscle strength to participate in these activities.

If your child is finding it hard to complete these tasks, they will soon fall behind in school.

Here is a collection of toys designed to assist with handwriting and fine motor skills. 

Abilitations Egg Oh's Pencil Grip
Cando Theraputty Save 57%

Cando Theraputty

from $19.50
Crossover Pencil Grip
Desk Buddy Sensory Fidget Bar
Sensory Fidget Cube
Fidgiball - Sensory Hand Fidget
Shaked Educational Games Get a Grip Sold out
Shaked Educational Games Get a Grip Sold out
Grotto Grips - Pencil Grip
Hand Fidget Balls - Sensory Hand Fidgets
Shaked Educational Games My First Laundry Sold out
Writing Slope Board Sold out