Special Needs Australia Handwriting

Handwriting Tools for Children

Is your child armed with the right tools for school? Here is a collection of handwriting tools to ensure your child's success in the classroom. 

Does your child struggle with their handwriting, is it hard to read or do they find it hard to hold a pencil?

Not being able to write or hold a pencil will hold your child back in school. They won't be able to keep up with classmates and their confidence will be affected. 

Help your child get classroom success with a Pencil grip starting from $2.50 you won't find them cheaper? 

Abilitations Egg Oh's Pencil Grip
Crossover Pencil Grip
Shaked Educational Games Get a Grip
Shaked Educational Games Get a Grip Sold out
Grotto Grips - Pencil Grip
Shaked Educational Games My First Laundry Sold out
Writing Slope Board