Disc’O’Sit Sensory Seating


Disc 'O' Sit is a Sensory Seating Tool 

Disc 'O' Sits are becoming more popular for children in schools across Australia.

The Disc 'O'Sit Junior is a circular cushion, which can be slightly inflated, giving a degree of instability. 

They improve posture and allow a certain amount of wiggling around without having to get off the chair. 

These little discs have proven that they make a considerable difference to a child's behavior. If your child can't sit still or wriggles around a lot in their chair, a Disc 'O' Sit can help. 

Ideal for postural training, balance activities and core strengthening. 

Try balance activities in seated or standing positions. Ideal for those requiring dynamic seated activities. 

These inflatable seating discs are especially popular for more hyperactive children and young people in school where they are expected to stay sitting for a long time. 

These little seats help

  • concentration

  • focus

  • behaviour

by providing stimulation to the nervous system

Teachers love this tool as it turns fidgety children into engaged students ready to learn. 

Inflate by mouth to desired level. Latex free. Size: 32cm diameter