School Pack - Writing Pack

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This pack includes

1 pack of 3 Grotto Grips and 2 Hand Fidgets

This pack is ideal if your child struggles with writing. The hand fidget will help build the necessary finger strength, and the grotto grip, pencil grips will ensure your child is holding their pen or pencil correctly.  

Grotto Grip encourages open web space and is large and comfy.

Cool space-age design for righties or lefties. Best of all a partition and covered finger spots make it virtually impossible to use incorrectly. 

Pencil grips will miraculously turn your child's handwriting from completely illegible to legible.

Parents are often amazed to see such great improvement so quickly. It also ensures your child builds good habits for writing in the future. Many adults who were not taught to hold the pencil correctly still carry bad habits throughout life, making it difficult to write for long periods of time.

Why Hand Fidgets? 
Hand Fidgets are particularly useful for children when they need to focus, work on more than one task at a time, plan work and remember information. It can also help with feeling relaxed and calm like the way adults use stress balls. 

Abilitations Sensory Hand Fidgets - Fidget Balls come in Icy, Arctic or Rainbow. The durable and indestructible balls can be hooked up to a backpack or pencil case.