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Abilitations Deskerciser

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Deskerciser - Turn a School Chair
into a Sensory Chair

This is an Abilitations Product

Movement helps children learn.

Provide movement opportunities whilst seated in a chair, for fidgety feet, that crave sensory input

Deskerciser - the smart choice for parents, teachers, and children.

Benefits include…

  • Improves concentration, learning ability, and productivity.
  • Allows strengthening and development of core muscles.
  • Simply clip on and adjust to fit desks and chairs.
  • Clip two Deskercisers together to make an extra-long band.
  • Utilise in the classroom, for therapy, or at home.
  • Created with rubber band-like materials for easy movement.

If your child craves sensory input this clever design is the answer.

The Deskerciser is the fast clip-on, clip-off way to provide muscle and movement opportunities. Just hook up around the chair or desk legs and you have an instant sensory tool for fidgety legs and deep pressure sensory seekers!

Lightweight and portable, the Deskerciser is perfect for home, classroom, community outings and therapy clinics. The durable Deskerciser easily clips on and off the bottom of a chair, with an adjustable buckle strap,

No need for stretched out therapy or elastic bands!

To apply the Deskerciser, hook the green band around the two front legs of a chair or the front or back legs of a desk. Clip the band closed around the legs and tighten the strap as needed to adjust the tension. Adjust the height of the band along the chair or desk legs to accommodate the child’s height and/or sensory preferences.

The student can then push against the band with their shin, ankle, or foot.

Includes 1 Deskerciser Band

• Length: 73 cm
• Colour: Green
• Material: Rubber and Plastic
• One Size - Clip two Deskercisers together to create a longer band.

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