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Deskerciser Sensory Desk


Deskerciser - Create a Sensory Friendly Desk Option for Children! 

Turn a normal chair into a Sensory Friendly Chair 

This is an Abilitations Product 

Heavy work helps your sensory seeker learn!

Are you looking for movement opportunities that can be done in a classroom chair? 

Deskerciser - the smart choice for children that like to kick the table or chair. If your child craves sensory input this clever design is the answer. The durable Deskerciser easily clips on and off the bottom of a chair, with an adjustable buckle strap - this one's a winner. Tighten the Deskerciser to each student's preference.

Parents and teachers will love this one.

  • Sold as a Single Unit
  • Assists in the strengthening and development of core muscles
  • Simply clip on and adjust to fit any desk or chair
  • Utilise in the classroom, therapy centre, or home
  • Created with rubber band-like materials for easy movement

Deskerciser 73 cm in length 

This product is out stock and will not be available until after the 1st January 2020. 

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