Special Needs Australia Sensory Toys

Sensory Toys

Sensory Processing is a common symptom for children living with Autism.

There is a growing awareness of Sensory Processing Disorder and the effects it can have on beahviour at home and school. 

Sensory Processing Disorder can be managed with the right tools and therapy.

These sensory resources support children living with disabilities such as Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Developmental Delays and Learning Disabilities.

These Sensory Resources improve well being and confidence

Abilitations Egg Oh's Pencil Grip
Abilitations RollEase Rolling Pin
Weighted Bulldog - Sensory Weighted Toys
Weighted Sensory Toys
AIRWALKER Sensory Swing Sold out
Sensory School Pack Save 11%
Bodysox - Body Socks - Pressure Therapy - Sensory Sock
Cando Theraputty Save 57%

Cando Theraputty

from $19.50
Special Needs Australia Chew Stixx Tough Bar
Chew Stixx X Bar - Flavoured Sensory Chew Bar for Kids
Crossover Pencil Grip
Special Needs Australia Activity Planners
Desk Buddy Sensory Fidget Bar
Deskerciser Sensory Desk
Disc’O’Sit Sensory Seating
Special Needs Australia Dream Chair
Earmuffs - Protective Hearing Hard Cases