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Abilitations Weighted Bulldog


Weighted Pet Bulldog, Weighted Therapy, Weighted Toys for your child

2.3 kg Weighted Pet - Bulldog
Soft and Snugly

This is an Abilitations Product 

Weighted Bulldog is a cuddly companion that helps children and adults focus and provides a soothing effect. Proprioceptive feedback is effective for those with autism, sensory integration disorders and many other neurological challenges.

The plush fabric provides a soft and sensory deep pressure experience. Use with supervision for 20 minutes at a time or as recommended. 

Using your weighted Bulldog at Home, include your new pet bulldog as part of your bedtime routine to help your child relax. Get your child to place the weighted bulldog on their lap, they can gently stroke or pet them as you read them a bedtime story. Watch your child relax and fall asleep quickly and easily. 

Using your weighted Bulldog in a classroom, when children start to get hyperactive or meltdown use the weighted bulldog. Create a book corner, sensory corner, quiet space that children can use to self-regulate. Encourage the child to sit with the bulldog on their lap, get them to stroke and pet for 5 to 10 minutes and watch as they start to relax.

Excellent resource for children or adults who need to fidget or need help focusing

  • Place on lap for sensory input and stability
  • Provides calming feedback to aid in concentration
  • Great for increasing muscle tone and strength
  • Made with plush fabrics for softness

Filled with steel and plastic pellets to provide even weight distribution.
Surface wash only. Air dry. Measures approximately 33 cm L x 20.5 cm W.
Weighs approximately 2.3kg. 

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