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About Us

Why Special Needs Australia?

You’ll do anything for your child? I would go to the end of the earth and back again if they needed something, we all would because from the very first moment you hold your child in your arms you know life will never be the same again. Your child’s needs will always be met before your own.

You watch your child grow and develop, before your eyes, they start to walk, talk and grow into their own little person. Then you discover they are not coping as well in life as you would like, you feel there could be underlying issues with their learning development, social skills or general wellbeing. What do you do?

You find out why, you find out what’s wrong and how you can help them, you do everything in your power to ensure you have the correct advice to be able to support your child.

That’s why I created special Needs Australia because I am a parent that will do anything for my child. I have spent many years now working with families that have children with additional needs. I see how brave the parents are, how the circumstances affect the whole family including siblings and I see how these products improve quality of life, children’s abilities to learn, cope in social environments and how it builds their confidence. I want children to have these resources I believe these resources should be available to everyone who needs them.

Special Needs Australia has a very important mission to provide you with the essential tools required to help your child. You will go to the end of the earth for your child and we will go the end of the earth to get you the right equipment to help your child.

I know that as a family you are probably facing enough challenges right now so I want to take the pressure off one more aspect of your life by providing essential equipment in a timely manner. I will provide you with a customer service team that cares and products of the best possible quality.

Special Needs Australia can assure you that we will...

  • provide you with convenience and competitive pricing along with ease of purchase.
  • provide useful information to support you and the teachers teaching your children.
  • constantly think outside the box to improve your experience and product range

We will always be friendly, listen, take on board your feedback, but most importantly we will always care.