About Us

How did Special Needs Australia start, why you should shop with us and what we do differently to any other supplier in Australia…

Special Needs Australia was started by a young visionary, with a big dream to bring good quality affordable Special Needs Toys to Australia.

What We do….

Special Needs Australia Specialise in sensory toys and special needs toys to improve and enhance the quality of life for children living with disabilities. Including  

  • Autism
  • Sensory Processing 
  • ADHD
  • Learning difficulties
  • ADD

Our Mission

After working in the industry for 5 years I realised how hard it can be for parents, schools and health organisations to afford these products, often on limited budgets special needs toys almost become a luxury rather than a necessity. 

Working with parents of special needs children made me quickly realise that having a child with a disability can be very expensive. With the cost of medical bills and therapy services the toys and resources almost become a luxury for many parents. Living in a rural area also brings the added costs of travelling to see specialists, having to pay for overnight stays and the family being separated for periods of time. It can be a tough gig for some families and I often wonder how they do it?

My first experience with this range of special needs toys made me question does this stuff work?  Well it did not take long for me to realise yes, this stuff really works, not only does it work but it has big impacts on children’s development and confidence. I knew that these tools were essential for children and I wanted to make them available to every parent, school, day-care, preschool and medical organisation not just across Australia but across the world! I believe it is every child’s right to have these products if it improves their quality of life!

I have two daughters myself that I would go to the end of the world for, I understand how much we love our children and how all we want is the best for them. I want to give my children everything they need to have the best possible start in life, this is a natural parent instinct. I also understand that it’s not always possible to provide for our children in the way we would like to when we are trying to run a family home on a tight budget.

I have taken my years of experience from this industry and I have created a company called Special Needs Australia, my dream is to ensure that all parents, schools, day-cares and medical organisations cannot only have the best product available on the market but also at the best possible price.

I don’t want these toys to be an additional luxury I want all parents to be able to afford these toys. The product range is small, but unless my product is price competitive you won’t see it on my website. As the business grows you will see the product range increase. I am busy sourcing the best products from around the world, negotiating better prices for you.

Special Needs Australia care about you the customer, my goal is to provide an excellent customer service experience from start to finish. A user-friendly website that showcases products. You will see lots of special offers, free delivery and giveaways in my store – that’s because I want to give back to my customers. I appreciate every customer that spends their hard-earned money with me and I want to say thank you!  

Start small dream big and I know my vision for providing affordable special needs toys across Australia will happen. I cannot do it without the support of you the customer and that is why I am striving to provide an excellent customer experience every time.

If you think there is something I can be doing better to ensure your experience is even better next time you shop with me then please tell me you can email [email protected] or call 02 6557 6365.

Thank you for your support!