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Educational Supplies

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Email your completed order form to: sales@specialneedsaustralia.org

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  1. Would you like to create a sensory friendly classroom environment, easily and affordably?
  2. Would you like to learn how sensory friendly classrooms can stop disruptive beahviour in the classroom, allowing you to focus on being a teacher? 
  3. Would you like your classroom to be engaged and focused on the task at hand. 


 3 Easy Steps to creating a sensory friendly learning environment


  Teachers, do you find it hard integrating Sensory Resources into your classroom, are you lacking time when it comes to finding new ways to introduce Sensory Resources, do you need more support and a quick go to, to help your classroom get started? 


Lesson Plans


  Teachers Packs are easy, affordable solutions to kit out a classroom with all the essential, sensory learning aids. Buying sensory classroom packs save your school time and money!


School Pack - Sensory Classroom



If you’re a primary or early childhood teacher at a busy school, you know what it’s like to struggle with behaviour issues in the classroom.

Even if only one child is disruptive it can affect everyone:

  • Your students have trouble focusing, so helping them learn feels like a constant battle
  • They find it difficult to calm down after break times, so you lose a lot of time getting the room back under control
  • Even the slightest change in routine can set off a chain reaction of emotional meltdowns, poor choices or poor behaviour.

Learn more through the Classroom Detox.