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Life Skills 4 Kids Resources . Here you will find a selection of resources brought to you by Deb Hopper, Occupational Therapist of 20 years, owner and founder of Life Skills 4 Kids. Deb Hopper and Life Skills 4 Kids are multi award winning and are passionate about helping teachers, parents and the children in their lives. 

Below you will find a range of resources for teachers provided by Deb Hopper Occupational Therapist.

Resources for Teachers

School Environment Sensory Checklist

Creating Optimal Learning Environments for ALL children

Did you know that approximately 1 out of every 6 children struggle with sensory-based learning issues?

If you have a class of 30 students, that means there could be as many as 5 KIDS IN YOUR CLASS who are not engaged, not focused and not keeping up with the rest of the class group because the sensory demands of the classroom affect them.

You probably know which ones they are. They fidget, they’re distracted, they can’t focus on simple instructions, right? They disrupt the whole class and take you away from the task of teaching.


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Life Skills 4 Kids Classroom Reports

There are all sorts of reasons children struggle to focus and pay attention in class. Discover why and learn how to simplify classroom life for those who are struggling with these challenges in these two special reports.

1. The Impact of Fluorescent Lighting on Children

2. Dealing with Auditory Processing Issues in the Classroom

$17.00 for both reports

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Sensory Strong Classrooms An Overview

FREE Resource for Teachers


20 Day Classroom Detox -
Online Program for Primary School Teachers

  • Does your classroom effectiveness suffer because of disruptive behaviour patterns?
  • Do your students have trouble focusing?
  • Would you like to better understand why they are struggling to engage?

When students are struggling to concentrate, relax or cope with emotional or environmental stress, their behaviour affects the whole classroom.

The real reasons for their restlessness may not be immediately obvious to you, their teacher.

Life Skills 4 Kids, are passionate about relieving classroom stress and helping you to create an improved and optimal learning environment.

This program is practical, easy-to-understand and offers strategies to improve the outcomes for all your students.

This 4-week online program for primary school teachers has been professionally designed to deliver fresh ideas to your inbox each weekday. Plus, we provide a workbook to guide you through the process of detoxing your classroom.

Completing the 20 Day Classroom Detox will contribute 10 hours of NESA Registered PD addressing criteria 1.1.2 (Physical, social and intellectual development and characteristics of students) and 3.4.2 (select and use resources) from the Australian Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in Australia.


20 Day Classroom Detox