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Special Needs Australia Wholesale

Expand your business and earn an extra income by becoming a Special Needs Australia Wholesaler

 Special Needs Australia Wholesale 



Special Needs Australia exclusive supplier of Abilitations Special Needs Toys and Resources in Australia and New Zealand.


Do you…

  • refer your clients to these products?
  • have a retail or online store with a product range you would like to expand?
  • run a therapy or medical service that you would like to grow?

If so, then here is your opportunity to increase your current income and product range. 

If you run a therapy or medical service and often refer your clients to these products then why not stock some product? This will allow you to ensure your clients have access to the best available products on the market whilst increasing your current income.  

If you have a shop or online store and you’ve been looking for a unique range of therapeutic toys and learning aids to add to your current product range then you’ve found them.

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Being a distributor has great benefits including access to this unique product range at a discounted price, sales and marketing support, referrals and partnership programs. 

Together we can ensure that every child across Australia and New Zealand has access to these valuable resources.

Special Needs Australia supporting your business!