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Abilitations Egg Oh's Pencil Grip

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Have you ever seen a pencil grip like this before? 

Egg Oh's Pencil Grips... Pack of 3 

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This is an Abilitations Product 

Abilitations Egg Oh's Pencil Grip is unique in design. It holds the arch position on little hands to help them hold their pencil properly. Designed by a therapist and handwriting expert it encourages children to hold a pencil easily with precision. 

The egg shaped pencil grip sits in the arch of the hand, it holds the arch shape required for writing which helps develop the small muscles of the hands. 

If your child is struggling at school with handwriting or is lacking in fine motor strength, then this pencil grip is the perfect solution. 

Are you sending your child to school with the right tools? Providing them with the right equipment such as a pencil grip will ensure they can keep up with the class. Your child will be able to write with precision with the Egg Oh's pencil grip.

Ideal for pre-school and kindergarten aged children.

Sold in packs of 3