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Abilitations Weighted Tote Hound, Vinyl

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Weighted Pet Dog, Weighted Therapy, Weighted Toys for your child


2.5 kg Weighted Pet - Tote Hound - Vinyl, easy to clean! 

This is an Abilitations Product 

Weighted Therapy is a very common form of therapy used to help children relax. The pressure input on the nervous system provides instant calming, these miracle resources will instantly calm your child.

Abilitations Tote Around Hound helps children with focus and attention. Reduces rocking behaviors, maintains 90-degrees hip flexion, decreases leg wrapping around chairs and reduces the incidence of standing during fine motor activities. 

Using your Weighted Dog at Home

Imagine you have just got home after a long day at work,your child has been at school all day and it is that time, yes witching hour as some like to call it.

Your child is screaming and melting down at any little thing? 

What do you do, all you need is 5 minutes to prepare dinner but it seems impossible? 

You reach for your weighted pet, get your child to find a nice comfortable spot on the sofa, place the weighted pet on their lap and sit back and watch as your child transforms into a calm and relaxed child.

Using a Weighted Dog at School

It's story time at school, all the children are making their way to sit down for a nice quiet story. This is the worst time of the day for your child, just the thought alone of sitting down quietly and still for 1 minute is just too much for their little mind. 

Today the teacher has a weighted pet, as your child sits on the floor the weighted dog is placed on their legs. For the first time ever your child has sat through an entire story without distracting anyone and has enjoyed every moment of sitting still. Unbelievable I hear you say. This is the miracle of weighted therapy. 

  • Excellent resource for children or adults who need to fidget or need help focusing
  • Place on lap for sensory input and stability
  • Provides calming feedback to aid in concentration
  • Great for increasing muscle tone and strength

Weighted with steel and plastic pellets. Wipe down with a mild sanitiser. Do not soak. Weighs approximately 2.3 kg