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Back to School Sensory Essential Pack

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Sensory Essentials to help make the transition back to school as easy as possible! 

1  x Chew Pendant 

Reduce anxiety caused from going back to school by providing your child with a chew pendant. 

1 x Hand Fidget 

Increase focus and concentration in the classroom by using a hand fidget.
These hand fidgets are indestructible, easy to clean and can be attached to a school bag and clothing. This hand fidget will last your child many schools terms.  

2 x Pencil Grips 

Pop a pencil grip into your child's pencil case to help them learn how to hold a pencil correctly. The pencil grip will improve comfort and handwriting for your child 

1 x Sand Timer 

Get your child out the door, use this sand timer to keep your morning on track when getting ready for school. Great for evening routines too.