BodySox - Sensory Body Socks


Develop Spatial Awareness Skills with BodySox - Sensory Body Sock 

What is Spatial Awareness?

It is an awareness of the space around you. Knowing and understanding where objects are in relation to your own body, if they are moving and how long they will take to get to you?

For example, when a football is coming towards you use your spatial awareness to determine how fast you must move to get to the ball in time to kick it?

Understanding Spatial Awareness allows us to understand distance, location and direction. Most of us will naturally develop these skills from early on. Children that do no naturally develop these skills may have a learning or physical disability that could be affecting them such as Asperger’s, Dyspraxia or Dyslexia. 

Spotting the signs – how do you know if your child has spatial awareness difficulties?

  • Does your child often run and bump into things?
  • Does your child seem to have a poor sense of their body?
  • Does your child find it difficult knowing where to stand in social environments often standing too close or bumping into friends?

BodySox's (Body Socks) are great for developing spatial awareness skills. Once inside kids can indulge in physical and spatial exploration, as you move your shapes become three-dimensional amorphous and art-like. Expand the imagination within the BodySox protective walls dancing images of rolling rocks, moving puzzle pieces or birds of flight.

Safety: The snag free Velcro opening makes this product safe and user-friendly

Available in:
Small L: 102 cm x W: 69 cm
Medium L: 119 cm x W: 69 cm