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Crossover Pencil Grip

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Teach your child good writing
habits from an early age with
a Crossover Pencil Grip 

Many children find it difficult to hold a pencil correctly, making it difficult to write and keep up with class work. Help your child learn how to hold a pencil correctly from an early age. 

  • Does your child find it difficult to hold a pencil? 
  • Is your child's handwriting illegible?
  • Are you teaching your child to write? 

A pencil grip can produce amazing results in a child's handwriting. This Crossover pencil grip can be used for left or right handed children that are learning to write or that may need a little extra help writing. 

Working with the hand's natural shape, the grip places fingers in the proper position. Added wings prevent fingers from crossing over. Pencil not included.

This pencil grip is a favourite for parents and teachers. 


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