Fantastic Fingers® for Parents


Fantastic Fingers® Fine Motor Program for Parents - Single User Licence

  • Are you looking for educational games and activities that you can play at home with your child?
  • Are you concerned about your child's colouring, writing or holding and cutting with scissors?
  • Do you have concerns about their pencil grip and the appearance of their work?

Help your child develop the necessary strength and coordination to be successful at school, with Fantastic Fingers®

Use this FREE fine motor skills checklist to see if your child’s fine motor skills are on track. FINE MOTOR SKILLS CHECKLIST

Want to learn more? Try this FREE ACTIVITY with your child.  

Fantastic Fingers® is ideal for children aged four to six years old.

You can easily incorporate the activities into your child’s daily play.

Have fun with them singing new songs and playing new games whilst developing essential fine motor skills. 

In addition, there are also specific activities to teach them early maths and literacy while they move. Perfect for children who prefer hands-on learning!

The other benefits of this program include: 

  • Easy to implement with clear instructions and everyday low-cost materials
  • Includes training materials to upskill you and give you the confidence to help your child
  • Takes the guesswork out of wondering what activities are best and where to start
  • Your child will enjoy watching other children sing the songs and do the activities
  • Effective outcomes as it was developed by an experienced occupational therapist along with educators in the classroom 
Click here to read the research paper 

Fantastic Fingers® offers unbelievable value and includes:
  • User-friendly instructions for 100 fun activities - action songs (music provided), games, exercises, crafts, and learning activities with early literacy and numeracy focus
  • Video demonstrations of children doing 60 of the activities
  • Guidelines on how to structure your own early learning and fine motor program at home
  • Materials list using everyday materials 
  • Sensory play recipes 
  • Fortnightly fine motor program sheets with questions to evaluate progress
  • 100 printable animal character worksheets - develop pencil control, scissor skills, prewriting skills g.trace shapes, patterns, numbers, and teach early alphabet and number knowledge
Fantastic Fingers® eBook Package - single user
 This electronic package includes:
  • 197 page eBook 'Songs & Games for Fantastic Fingers®'in PDF format (personalised with your name on the top of each page), includes 100 printable worksheets (can be reproduced for instructional purposes)
  • 16 action songs in MP3 format
  • Links to 2 hours worth of instructional videos which are watched in 5 to 15 minute segments online with a password
Once you have ordered and paid, within 2 - 4 working days, you will be emailed a link to download your personalised eBook, the songs and your password for the videos. You can then print your book if needed. 


Below is a short video demonstrating some of the activities included in the Fantastic Fingers® program


Testimonial: Watch the short video clip below, as a mother explains how easily she incorporated Fantastic Fingers® into her child’s play time.

Here is another mum’s experience:
Jenny's 4-year-old son wasn't at all interested in drawing and wasn't really willing to try. She explained "I now believe he wasn't physically able to do what I was asking."Here is how she helped him. TO READ MORE CLICK HERE: