Fantastic Fingers® for Teachers


Fantastic Fingers® Fine Motor Program with Early Learning Activities 

Are you looking for new songs, activities and printables to support fine motor development that can easily be implemented into your current program? 

Fantastic Fingers® is the perfect music and activity resource to develop all the necessary sensory and motor skills for success in the classroom.

It is ideal for pre-schoolers and students in Kindergarten and is also excellent for Year 1 students with delayed fine motor skills.

Research shows that students spend up to 60% of their time in class engaged in fine motor tasks. What’s more, students with better fine motor skills appear to do better academically. Read more

More than a fine motor program, the 40 new extension activities incorporate Australian Curriculum content for Foundation. Save time as you teach aspects of phonological and phonemic awareness, number and algebra, and measurement and geometry while improving students’ motor skills.

There are so many benefits, including:

  • Opportunities to sing together while developing muscle strength and coordination
  • Fun movement based games which foster play and hands-on learning
  • Children love the songs, games, and animal characters, and co-operate enthusiastically
  • Easy to implement with clear instructions and everyday low-cost materials
  • Effective outcomes as it was developed by an experienced occupational therapist along with educators in the classroom (to read a research paper. click here)
  • Once you have used the resource you will be able to use the acquired knowledge and activities in a flexible way for your specific context

Fantastic Fingers® offers unbelievable value and includes:

  • User-friendly instructions for 100 fun activities - action songs (music provided), games, exercises, crafts, and learning activities with early literacy and numeracy focus
  • Video demonstrations of children doing 60 of the activities
  • Guidelines on how to structure your own early learning and fine motor program at home
  • Materials list using everyday materials 
  • Sensory play recipes 
  • Fortnightly fine motor program sheets with questions to evaluate progress
  • 100 printable animal character worksheets - develop pencil control, scissor skills, pre-writing skills g.trace shapes, patterns, numbers, and teach the early alphabet and number knowledge

Fantastic Fingers® eBook Package - single user 

 This electronic package includes:

  • 197 page eBook 'Songs & Games for Fantastic Fingers® in PDF format (personalised with your name on the top of each page), includes 100 printable worksheets (can be reproduced for instructional purposes)
  • 16 action songs in MP3 format
  • Links to 2 hours worth of instructional videos which are watched in 5 to 15-minute segments online with a password
Once you have ordered and paid, within 2-4 working days, you will be emailed the links to download. 

To see a sample of the program click here: SAMPLE ACTIVITY SHEET

Below is a short video Wrist Rhymes showing the activities from this sample

Product Testimonials – click on the videos below to listen to fellow educators' experiences with Fantastic Fingers ®

Teacher's perspective (working with students in first-year)

Early Childhood Educator: 
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