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Fidget Cube - Sensory Fidget Cube

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Sensory Fidget Cube 

Special Needs Australia Fidget Cube - Hand Fidgets for all age groups!

These hand size cubes have a different fidget option on each side from clicking, spinning, rolling and pushing this cube has everything for busy fingers!  

It's a fun design which children and adults will love, you can take it anywhere as it will easily fit into a pocket or purse. 

Hand Fidgets are particularly useful for children when they need to focus, work on more than one task at a time, plan work and remember information.

It can also help with feeling relaxed and calm like the way adults use stress balls. These resources do not bring new ideas to the market only new designs that appeal to the younger generation.

Fidgets are also helpful for children that suffer from ADHD, Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder as it helps process information.

Does fidgeting really help the brain function?
I found this interesting article by Jessica Hullinger a journalist that recently completed some research into fidgeting and the benefits of it. Her curiosity in fidgeting lead her to complete some research asking adults to share some of their fidgeting habits.

Research shows a correlation between working with our hands and increased memory and creativity. A recent study found that writing by hand rather than typing on a keyboard helps us better process and retain information. And mindless doodling can boost memory and attention span.

To read the full article click here: The Science of Why We Fidget While We work

Safety: Recommended for children aged 4 and up. 

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