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Fidgiball - Sensory Hand Fidget

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Fidgiball - Sensory Hand Fidget 


This unique little ball fits nicely in the palm of the hand discreet and user-friendly. The little orange Fidgiball is firm and covered in spikes when you roll the ball around in the palm of your hand it feels like a hand massage and a calming feeling washes over your body. 
If your child is often looking for sensory input they will love the Fidgi Ball. 

Why use Hand Fidgets? 
Why Hand Fidgets? Hand Fidgets are particularly useful for children when they need to focus, work on more than one task at a time, plan work and remember information. It can also help with feeling relaxed and calm like the way adults use stress balls.

"Fidgi" Can be used as a calming hand fidget during stressful situations, or as a tossing game to engage in needed sensory input through play. The core of the ball is solid so it is mildly weighted at approximately 340g to produce a heavy feeling of sensory input to the palm of the hand. Any way you use Fidgiball, it is sure to be a favorite for your child.

Safety recommended for ages 3+. FDA approved material. BP, Latex and Phthalate free.