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Fluorescent Light Covers - Cosy Shades - Classroom Light Filters

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Colour: Summer

Classroom Light Filters
Fluorescent Light Covers

Cosy Shades filter out annoying brightness and flickering from fluorescent bulbs, softening the light for a cosier work environment.

Create a calming and pleasant classroom atmosphere with fluorescent light filters
  • Designed to dramatically reduce the flicker and glare of fluorescent lights
  • Reduce headaches and eyestrain
  • Improve behaviour in the classroom
  • Provides a warmer work environment
  • Perfect for those with light sensitivity

Designed for standard fluorescent fixtures used in schools or offices. 

Classroom Light Filters - Fluorescent Light Covers - AKA Mood filters are a great choice for any school, day-care or learning facility. These cleverly designed filters attach with magnets and fit over any light, user-friendly and easy to move from classroom to classroom if required.


  • Pack of 4 flame-retardant Summer-Themed Cosy Shades
  • Approximately 137 cm x 61 cm
  • Six magnets allow for single or double swags on each fixture

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