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Hand Fidget Pack

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Hand Fidgets Include

  • Fidgiball

This unique little ball fits nicely in the palm of the hand discreet and user-friendly. The little orange Fidgiball is firm and covered in spikes when you roll the ball around in the palm of your hand it feels like a hand massage and a calming feeling washes over your body. If your child is often looking for sensory input they will love the Fidgiball. 

  • Hand Roller

Roll away your stress with this glow in the dark hand fidget...
Roll your stress and anxiety away with the all new Sensory University MEGA ROLLER. Comes with 10 interchangeable pieces that can be built any way you like it then take it apart and build it again. Did we mention it will never get lost at night because IT GLOWS IN THE DARK! 

  • Desk Buddy 

Desk Buddy is perfect for children that are constantly looking for different textures to touch or "fidget" with are craving sensory input. The Desk Buddy® is a great solution, as it discreetly sits on the desk, it looks just like a ruler. 

This pack of three fidgets save you time and money, whilst offering your child a variety of hand fidget options.