Pea Pod Lesson Plan


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Teacher Resources

  • Teachers, do you find it hard integrating Sensory Recourses into your classroom?
  • Are you lacking time when it comes to finding new ways to introduce Sensory Resources?
  • Do you need more support and a quick go to help your classroom get started?

Great, I’m so glad you said yes! Because we have been working hard to make your day easier by providing lesson plans.  The lesson plans are designed to help you break down the barriers in your classroom when using sensory resources as learning aids.

The Lesson Plans

  • Teach children about the resource
  • Teach children how to use the resource correctly
  • Helps them understand why some children need the resource and others don’t
  • It helps the children feel involved and part of the new classroom resources
  • It teaches the children responsibility around the new resource
  • Includes an interactive slideshow

Tracy Brunetti has over 15 years’ experience working in Early Childhood and Primary School settings supporting children with special needs. Tracy has experienced firsthand the benefits and positive impact using Sensory Resources has on children and the classroom environment.

That’s why Tracy has done all the hard work for you by creating quick 30 - 45-minute lesson plans for you to easily implement the resources into your classroom. The lesson plan comes with a slideshow that can be easily edited to suit your classroom requirements.

After a teacher conference, Tracy realised how difficult it can be for teachers to integrate sensory resources into a classroom. Often children feel that their fellow classmate is being favoured because they are using a sensory corner or a sensory resource. Once the child understands that the resource has a purpose and is not a “toy” they become more accepting of the situation.
It is important children know that we are not all the same, we all have different needs and requirements to assist us with how we learn, and these differences should be celebrated and supported.

By taking the time to teach the children these concepts they become mindful of their classmate’s wellbeing and a supportive peer.