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Organic Bangle - Teen and Adult Sensory Chew Bracelet

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Sensory Chew Organic Bangle Perfect for Teens and Adults

Organic Bangle part of the famous Jellystone Collection

The Organic Chew Bangle makes the perfect fashion accessory whilst providing a safe chew solution for adults and teens. 

The smooth, organic shape of this bangle works in so many different combinations and you can team it up with a Jellystone necklace or Organic pendant to complete your look. 

This growing brand has a reputation for providing some of the most fashionable chew resources on the market. With stylish designs that suit all. If your child is 2 or 18 years old you are guaranteed to find a Jellystone design they love. 

WHY CHEW RESOURCES? it has been proven that chewing helps with concentration, alertness and focus. It also reduces stress and anxiety and keeps children and adults calm. That's why more people are turning to chew resources to help stay engaged on the task at hand. No more chewed school uniform, hat strings, pens or pencils. 

RESULTS: These chew resources have been proven to work, that's why hundreds of parents across Australia are constantly re-stocking on this product. 

SAFETY: BPA free, non-toxic silicone. All necklaces are secured with a practical break-away clasp. The custom-designed clasp is designed to separate easily when tugged.

COLOURS: Available in Blueberry, Stormy Grey and Turquoise