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Pressure Vests

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Do you use Pressure Therapy with your child?

Have you tried a Pressure Vest before?

The Pressure Vest offers an almost instant calming sensation to a child who just cannot concentrate, standstill, or complete simple tasks due to hyperactivity. It assists children diagnosed with Autism, SPD, ADHD or Neurological Disorders.  

This product can be used in the classroom or at home. The Pressure Vest can be worn inside or outside of everyday clothing.

  • You can try using this whilst shopping to help your child stay calm in busy shopping centers.
  • Use this product in the classroom, discreetly put the Pressure Vest under school uniform.
  • Try the Pressure Vest next time you're going to a party or gathering to help your child keep calm

Why Pressure Therapy?

Written by Cara Batema – taken from

Pressure vests provide proprioceptive feedback to a child with a sensory processing disorder.  Proprioceptors are sensors that aid in a child’s sensation of gravity and body movement, and proper functioning of these sensors is essential for accurate and appropriate movements.  Motor control, rhythmic movement, limb position, and correcting motor errors are all basic functions with some control from proprioceptors.  Weighted vests provide proprioceptive feedback and stability.  By providing constant and deep pressure, these vests help increase body awareness, improve balance, and provide sensory feedback.  The pressure from the vest also helps decrease the child’s response to the stimulus causing frustration or anxiety, which allows the child to calm down.

Most children love wearing the vest because of the sensation it provides.  Children who love hugging or squishing behaviors or who exhibit actions such as jumping, restlessness, or disorganization often benefit from pressure vests.  Most children who utilize the pressure vest will advance in their therapy sessions, and their concentration will also improve.

Much like a wetsuit the vests are constructed of premium divers grade neoprene and secured with heavy-duty adjustable Velcro attachments.

Vests are available in children’s sizes extra small, small, medium and large.

Medium: ages 4 - 10 years old
Large: ages 11 - 15 years old 
X-Large 15 - Adult 

Large Pressure Vest product specifications Size 
Due to supply issues our Large Vests have changed in size, please read and check measurements prior to purchasing to ensure you have a suitable size for your child. 

  • 46cm Width x 38.5cm Length 
  • Material: Polyster/Neoprene
  • Size: Large
  • Color: Black 

X-Large Pressure Vest product specifications  ADULT Size 

  • 121cm Width x 67cm Length
  • Material: Polyster/Neoprene
  • Size: X-Large
  • Color: Gray

Instructions for the best fit:
1. The vest should be worn with the smooth side IN and the loop side OUT.
2. Attach the shoulder straps first (the shoulder Velcro is on the front piece of the vest.)
3. Attach the sides next (the Velcro is on the sides of the back piece.) This vest is designed to pull from back to front on the sides so that the person wearing the vest can fasten and adjust it themselves.
4. Make adjustments as necessary.