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Sand Timers - 5 Minute

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Beat time with a 5 Minute Sand Timer
Do you like having more time? 

There is no better feeling than having a spare 20 minutes before you leave the house? What to do... have a coffee, put some washing away or just catch up on Facebook or emails. When you do leave the house your relaxed calm and ready for the next event.  

Since children have no concept of time or being late it's very hard to get them to focus on the task at hand when getting ready. 

Children are so caught up in the moment, they often can't think ahead or they get easily distracted. 

By setting children a challenge with a visual you'll find they are much more co-operative. 

How often do you say to a child 5 minutes until... bedtime, bath time, dinner time, eating, packing away and on and on. As soon as you say it, and walk away your child has forgotten everything you just said to them. 

Or how often have you said to a child 5 minutes until an activity and then walked away and 15 minutes have slipped by without you even noticing? 

Well no more!! You can now be in complete control of your 5 minutes and your children's 5 minutes. 

Using the sand timer you can set little challenges for your child throughout the day.

Our biggest battle was the morning routine, eating breakfast, brushing teeth, washing and getting dressed in a timely manner seemed almost impossible some days. The sand timer changed all that, it turned our 45-minute morning battle turned into a 20-minute fun experience. 

Nowadays my children ask me if they can use the sand timer to try and beat time!

I love it... our family is beating time every day! 

Sand timers are the perfect visual tool for the classroom, use your sand timer to keep your class on track for the next task ahead.