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School Pack - Focus Pack

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Need a little assistance with getting your child to focus at school? 

  • Does your child constantly look for something to play with or kick the table or desk? 
  • Does your child constantly wriggle around on their chair?
  • Does your child find it hard to focus at school?

Sensory Seating - Benefits include:

  • More Focussed
  • Can sit for longer periods of time
  • Can take in more information 
  • Improves performance in class
  • Improves handwriting 

The Focus Pack includes two key resources that will provide sensory input for your child allowing them to focus on learning.

You can mix and match your resources

Focus Pack Includes : 1 Disc 'O' Sit and 1 Think 'N' Roll

If your child is often being told to sit still they probably need one of these. 
Providing your child with a Disc 'O' Sit will allow them to get the sensory input their little body craves without disturbing everyone one around them. Teachers love this tool as it turns fidgety children into engaged students ready to learn. 

Disc 'O' Sit 
These little discs have proven that they make a considerable difference to a child's behavior. If your child can't sit still or wriggles around a lot in their chair, a Disc 'O' Sit can help. These inflatable seating discs are especially popular for more hyperactive children and young people in school where they are expected to stay sitting for a long time. 

Think 'N' Roll
The Think N Roll was designed by a teacher, that understands the importance of movement in the classroom. The new and improved Think-N-Roll easily attaches to the front of any standard classroom chair and provides a foot roller for "busy" feet. Made from soft, closed-cell foam, PVC and bungee cord, the Think-N-Roll provides a quiet ride! Features smooth PVC edges and a thicker, stronger bungee cord for added durability.

The focus pack is to keep your child on the task at hand at school or home.