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Sensory Chew Pack

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  • Do you know a child that chews on all their clothes?

  • Do you know a child that gets anxious and likes to chew to relieve stress?

  • Do you know a child that needs to chew to focus and concentrate? 

WHY CHEW RESOURCES? it has been proven that chewing helps with concentration, focus and it keeps children calm, that's why more parents are turning to chew resources to help their children stay engaged in class. Sick of chewed school uniform, hat strings, pencils and any things else they can get their hands on?

RESULTS: These chew resources have been proven to work, that's why hundreds of parents across Australia are constantly re-stocking on this product. 

Bracelet and Necklace Pack 
Abilitations Chewlery is a collection of non-toxic, colourful, plastic jewellery that stretches. It’s a great way to keep kids from chewing on their clothes while letting them work through their chewing tendencies. It's also great for oral-motor stimulating activities.

Sensory Chew Pencil Toppers
The Chew Stixx Pencil Topper fits most pencils, decreases lead exposure, is safe for teeth, increases attention, lowers anxiety levels, and has been proven to improve concentration skills in children constantly seeking sensory input.

Tough Bar 
The Chew Stixx Tough Bar is a sensory chew made for the more aggressive chewer. If your child is an aggressive chewer and has chewed through every other chew resource you have given them, this is the solution. 

Chew Stixx Tough Bar is an excellent chewable hand fidget for children craving sensory input. Chew Stixx combines multiple foods simulating textures into one cost-effective device.



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