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Sensory Corner Pack

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Instant Sensory Corner in your Classroom

Teachers save time and money by buying this instant sensory corner pack.

Create a calm environment in your classroom, by providing a safe space for children to self-regulate. Allow children to manage their emotions and behaviours in class. 
When your students feel like they can't cope with the environment or task ahead they can use this space to regulate themselves.

This pack includes:

Dream Chair x 1

Students will love this for self regulation and it's ideal for students with sensory processing or ASD as it provides deep pressure that calms and soothes the body when you sit in it.

Hand Fidgets x 3 

Hand Fidgets are particularly useful for children when they need to focus, work on more than one task at a time, plan work and remember information. It can also help with feeling relaxed and calm like the way adults use stress balls. 

Protective Hearing Earmuffs x 1 - Green 

Background noise is a constant nuisance and can cause feelings of anxiety, stress and overwhelmed which can lead to meltdowns. Noise reducing headphones or earmuffs can come in very handy in loud spaces. Headphones can lower the overall decibel rate of background noise while still allowing your child to hear someone speaking to them.

Weighted Lap Bag x 1 Medium 2.17 kg 

Weighted Wheat Bags for Therapeutic Use, Weighted Therapy is a very common form of therapy used to help children relax. The pressure input on the nervous system provides instant calming, these miracle toys will instantly change your child's behaviour.

Time Timer Plus x 1 Grey 

For anyone who wants to measure and manage time more effectively, Time Timer® is an innovative visual timer designed to "show" the passage of time through the use of a patented red disk that disappears as time elapses.

5 Minute Sand Timer x 2 - Blue or Red 

5-minute sand timer allows children to manage their time in the corner.