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Sensory Desk Pack

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Sensory Desk Pack 

Think N Roll + Deskerciser + 6 Pencil Grips 

The ultimate concentration pack for teachers

Movement opportunities whilst being seated helps improve
  • Concentration  
  • Learning Ability
  • Productivity 

Deskerciser - Heavy work helps your sensory seeker learn!

Are you looking for muscle and movement opportunities that can be done in a classroom seat? 

Deskerciser - the smart choice for children that like to kick the table or chair. If your child craves sensory input this clever design is the answer. The durable Deskerciser easily clips on and off the bottom of a chair, with an adjustable buckle strap - this one's a winner. Tighten the Deskerciser to each student's preference.

Think N Roll - Durable New Design 

The Think N Roll was designed by a teacher, that understands the importance of movement in the classroom. The new and improved Think-N-Roll easily attaches to the front of any standard classroom chair and provides a foot roller for "busy" feet. Made from soft, closed-cell foam, PVC and bungee cord, the Think-N-Roll provides a quiet ride! Features smooth PVC edges and a thicker, stronger bungee cord for added durability.

The New and Improved designed is more durable with a stronger bungee and smoother edging improving quality and comfort. 

This pack includes:

  • 1 Deskerciser
  • 1 Think N roll 
  • 6 Pencil Grips  

12 Month Warranty on all Special Needs Australia Products



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