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Therapressure Brush - Sensory Therapy Brush


Wilbarger Therapressure Brush

Sensory Pressure Brush

The Special Needs Therapressure Brush is a sensory brush designed by Patricia Wilbarger, MED, and the famous developer of brushing therapy.

This oval shaped brush is easier to use than regular sensory brushes, thanks to its attached handle and ergonomic design that fits comfortably into the hand. According to Patricia Wilbarger, "the high density of the bristles, make it an ideal brush for the body." For specific instructions on brushing therapy, it's best to speak with an occupational therapist or therapist trained in the Wilbarger Protocol.
  • Pressure input targets touch receptors and helps calm down any over-active receptors in the nervous system

  • Can help aid in decreasing tactile defensiveness and anxiety for kids with autism and other diverse abilities

  • The unique oval handle makes it the easiest and most preferred brush to use compared to other sensory brushes
  • 1 Single Therapeutic Brush $14.99
  • 2 Pack of Therapeutic Brushes $24.99


***This product is new to Special Needs Australia, our current ETA is the 22nd February 2019. Place orders now to avoid dissapointment.

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