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Therapy Swing - Sensory Swing

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Sensory Therapy Swings are ideal for adults and children that have difficulties with sensory regulation

The Sensory Swing is perfect for anyone that craves that sensory input! Particularly Proprioceptive and vestibular input. 

The swing assists the brain to regulate stimuli and provides a calming sensory activity. 

The Vestibular system is a sensory system that informs our brain about motion, positioning and orientation. 

Swing therapy stimulates fluid in the inner ear activating sensors and informing the child of movement. They get use to the sensation of movement, which regulates their system and provides confidence for them to navigate their surroundings. 


The double layer lycra allows individuals to cocoon themselves in the swing making it the perfect calming, therapeutic tool to provide individuals with deep pressure input calming an over stimulated nervous system. 


The Body Sock Sensory Therapy Swing is designed to be suspended from an anchor bolt (not included) safely secured into a structural beam. The swing should be positioned no higher than 40cms from the ground once weight has been applied. 


Supporting Australian Made, Supports Australia's Children! 

Manufactured in Australia Body Socks Australia have consistently listened to families and health professionals to create new and innovative products that promote independence and lower anxiety.