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TrickyTree - Fine Motor Skills Game

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Build Essential Fine Motor Skills with TrickyTree

Encouraging fine motor skills and finger strengthening, through fun educational games...

TrickyTree is a construction game that helps children get acquainted with the concept of balance. It also helps to improve the fine motor control and fine motor strength.

This game can be used in pre-schools, kindy, home or as a therapy resource to help build finger muscle strength, essential for handwriting. 

Why are Fine Motor Skills Important? 

Fine motor skills are an essential part of our daily living, from unzipping your clothes, fastening buttons, opening and closing containers, writing, cutting and drawing.

When your child starts School it's important that they can complete basic self-care tasks such as going to the toilet independently, dressing themselves and opening their own lunches.

By helping your child develop the dexterity they need to complete these tasks you'll ensure your child feels confident and comfortable in school, allowing them to focus on their learning.


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