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Ultimate Classroom Pack

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Create the ultimate sensory-friendly classroom with the Ultimate Classroom Pack.


Everything your classroom needs to create a happy and productive learning environment. 

Save money and time by purchasing a classroom pack!

This pack will help your students stay focused and help them learn.

By providing students with movement opportunities and visual aids it helps them stay on track for a good day at school. These tools are simple but effective when it comes to helping children stay engaged in the classroom. 

Ultimate Classroom Pack Includes

• 2 x Movin Sits

The Movin' Sit Air Cushion is an inflatable, dynamic cushion which activates intrinsic trunk muscles to support the spine. It is contoured to support the thighs and bum to maximise comfort and stability. It can also be used upright in any chair as a back support or on the floor.

• 2 x Disco Sits

Providing a child with a Movin' Sit or Disc 'O' Sit will allow them to get the sensory input their little body craves without disturbing everyone one around them. Teachers love this tool as it turns fidgety children into engaged students that are ready to learn. 

• 2 x Sand Timers

5-minute sand timers are great for helping children transition throughout the day. Some children require visuals to help them get through the day, a simple tool such as a sand timer will keep your class on track for the next task ahead.

• 12 x Pencil Grips

A pencil grip can produce amazing results in a child's handwriting. This Crossover pencil grip can be used for left or right-handed children that are learning to write or that may need a little extra help writing. 

• 1 x Classroom Planner

Fully flexible and designed for maximum interaction, the colourful planner comes with 34 typical activity/subject magnets, 9 clock face magnets, days of the week and blank magnets to individualise your school day.

The fun activity designs include words to assist children as they learn to read. Covering a range of subjects and providing blank magnets to add unique activities, the range of magnets is sure to suit any day pre-school or school-aged classroom.

The dry-erase surface allows teachers to add additional notes to the planner and the clock face magnets can be integrated into the schedule as children learn to tell the time.

Perfect for pre-school and primary classrooms, the chart is made of a flexible magnetic sheet so it can attach directly to a magnetic whiteboard.

This chart has been designed by teachers for teachers, to maximise children’s awareness of their daily schedule and optimise their learning outcomes!